London Coins Grading Service

Frequently Asked Questions

What is coin grading?

The assessment of the grade of preservation of the coin in other words how much wear the coins has.

Do you grade non English \ British Coins?

Our grading standards and bench mark coin set was designed around English milled coins and this is our primary expertise. We will grade and encapsulate world coins, hammered coins and ancient coins. Our grading system is on a 1-100 scale not the 1 70 Sheldon Scale used for USA coins and popular for Canadian coins also, so we suggest one of the US based grading companies could be more appropriate for US coins.

How do I know my coins are suitable for grading?

By definition all coins can be graded so this question becomes a financial one, namely why should I pay to have my coins graded. The service provides authentication, attribution, long term protection by encapsulation, and a numeric grade allowing it to be compared to other coins and to serve as an aid to valuation.

Why are you not grading on the Sheldon G1 - MS70 scale?

This scale was originally designed by Sheldon as an aid to comparing the likely commercial value of early US copper cents in various grades , and although well established in the USA it has little relevance to English Coinage. The universal 1 100 percentage style scale seemed more logical to us. The traditional grades of VG, F VF and EF Unc naturally fit into a percentage scale also as 0 19 VG, 20 39 FINE, 40 59 VF, 60 77 EF, 78- 100 Unc.

Are all coins submitted grade-able?

Every coin we received is assessed if a coin is a forgery, repaired, tooled, artificially enhanced, or damaged it will not get into a LCGS capsule and returned as unsuitable for the LCGS system.

Is LCGS a popular service?

LCGS has graded over 40,000 coins as at 2016, and has many adherents in the UK. Finest recorded examples will command a high premium in the UK market place and Hall of Fame collections can create a large attraction if offered in the London Coin Auctions adding significantly to the realise value.

What is The Hall of Fame?

This section of the LCGS web pages shows finest ever recorded collections.

What is LCGS My Page?

LCGS Members can input their coins into a private and secure on-line function which will then provide reports on their collections value, lists of their coins, lists of their coins shown in the series they may be concentrating on hence highlighting coins that exist they do not have, image gallery and more.

How Do I Submit Coins For Grading?

Only LCGS members are eligible to submit coins for grading.

What Does it Cost To Become a Member?

Annual membership of LCGS costs £99 and gives full access to all the LCGS web pages, enables use of the My Page functions, and gives eligibility for submission of coins for grading. Members also receive two vouchers each for £50 one is redeemable of any one off purchase above £50 in the London Coins Auction. The other is redeemable off any purchase from our website where the ticket price is £250 or more.

What Does it Cost to Submit Coins For Grading?

Charges per coin are the greater of the flat fee or 2% of the coins value after grading and according to the LCGS Valuations By Grade. The flat fee £15.75 per coin.